Access Control

Every management team needs to know who is accessing their building and when.  Sentry Alarms offers many levels of access control to meet the needs of our clients.  From simple one door systems to multi-door, multi- site managed and integrated systems, we have a solution designed to make certain the right people are in your building when they should be, keeping your building and employees safe.   We help prevent unauthorized use of your premises by your employees or service providers and eliminate the need for costly key replacement.  Access control systems help you control and monitor movement throughout your facility.  Personnel are limited to the areas in which they need to work, and prevented entry to sensitive areas where they might not belong.  Access control from Sentry Alarms can be integrated with your security and camera systems to provide a powerful management and safety tool.  

Managed Access from Sentry Alarms.  We can manage the system for you once it's installed, twenty-four hours a day.  Need emergency entry?  We're here!  Have a security risk and need an access card or fob eliminated?  We're here for that, too! The managed access control service from Sentry Alarms is an efficient and affordable way to maintain your database and meet unexpected needs withou incurring additional in house personnel expense.

Keep your employees and facility safe and accountable with an Access Control Solution from Sentry Alarms.  Request a consultation today by calling 607-723-2934 or fill out the form on the right.


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Industries that Benefit
  •   Medical Practices
  •   Business Campuses
  •   Pharmaceutical Facilities
  •   Manufacturing Facilities
  •   Apartment Complexes
  •   Government Facilities
  •   Gyms/Athletic Facilities
  •   Financial/Banking Facilities
  •   Retail Businesses

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